14 Questions
10 Short Texts for Speaking Voice


In humans, what is the correlation between the color of hair, color of eyes, and color of skin?

What were the first musical instruments? When and where did they evolve?

What is human perspective?

How fast are we traveling through space?

Why do European songs and dance accompaniments tend to change from major to minor keys, when encountered globally from west to east, from Dublin to Kiev?

Electrons and quarks are the fundamental building blocks of matter. What is their origin?

What is common sense?

When did the social concept of trust first appear?

What is the origin of consciousness?

What is the evolutionary origin of lucid dreaming? What purpose does it serve?

How are language and thinking related?

What is the origin of sex?

Not all biological organisms die. Is death necessary to the human species as a strategy for survival?

What is free will?