The Age of Synthesis for Piano Solo (2008)
Program Note

The music is divided into 12 movements, each containing a set of short musical episodes. The number of episodes within a movement varies depending on the movement.


Each musical episode is composed independently of the others, and is often but not always separated by silence.


In addition, fragments of a familiar melody appear in each movement. Some fragments are short, such as the first movement where you hear Wagner's Ahah-Yah theme played once. Other fragments are longer and more developed. In the last movement, a Wagner and Beethoven theme are played at the same time. The melodies have been selected from a variety of classical, traditional, and popular sources, including excerpts by Billings, Beethoven, Wagner, traditional Americana, Gershwin, Joplin, Sousa, music from the American Civil War, Bernstein’s West Side Story, and the traditional Baseball song Take Me Out to the Ball Game.