Animalia (2010)
(digitally modified animal sounds, electronic sounds, melodies from traditional animal songs)

The music is intended to awaken in each of us our evolutionary inheritance as animals, and to remind us, not without some humor, of our deep biological connection to other species. All living things have evolved from a single ancestor.

It is also difficult to ignore the similarities between animal and human vocal gestures, and between different animal sounds, even when modified.

There are four tracks of music. Two tracks contain animal sounds that have been digitally modified in a variety of ways, and two tracks include original electronic sounds. In addition, there are fragments from traditional animal songs scattered throughout the music. The American Eagle is the only animal sound that has not been modified.

Along with this 2-trk stereo version, there is a four-track version of the music that is available for concert playback. There is also a concert version for Piano and Electronic Music