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Waves and their Properties in the Surrounding Media Sound Waves and their Properties in the Surrounding MediaThe Nature of Music The Nature of Music for the Performing Musician
Studies on the Human EarStudies on the Human Ear

The following books have been written to fill a void for musicians, artists, and others who wish to enjoy a more detailed investigation of subjects which are deeply connected to music, its understanding and performance.

What do musicians and artists actually know about 'sound', the material of music and speech? What is sound exactly? Where is it, what does it look like if we could see it? What happens to sound when it enters the human ear and is processed in the brain? When does sound become language or music?

The Path of Sound - A Trilogy combines Sound Waves and Their Properties in the Surrounding Medium, Studies on the Human Ear, and the newly published The Musical Brain. Together they follow sound patterns from their source, through the air, into the ear, to the brain. The Path of Sound is freely available in its complete form ONLINE.

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'Time', which is a fundamental aspect of music, is a subject which has traditionally been limited to the realm of formal science. Perhaps there is a present need for a rigorous description of 'time' which is accessible with some effort to the layperson, asks and answers questions that we all have about 'time', and is not cleverly confounding, confused and ambiguous, or 'watered down'. Time (2nd Edition, 1995) has been expanded and is now available ONLINE.


Time Expanded

The Nature of Music ($25.00) is available for order through: Spectrum Music (781-862-0088)