Chaconne (2010)

(recorded and modified violin samples of J. S. Bach’s Chaconne from Partitia No. 2 in d minor for Solo Violin BWV 1004, combined with original electronic music) 

I separated the iconic Bach Chaconne into 49 violin segments based on the natural breaks or character distinctions that occur within the music. I used all of the original music.

These violin segments were numbered, then recombined randomly onto a single track, with little or no separation of silence between them. True random numbers were used, generated by noisy conditions in the Earth’s atmosphere. The segments range in duration from several seconds to half a minute.

After reconfiguring the Chaconne, I digitally modified the segments then added various tracks of original electronic music.

The recorded violin samples were selected from the complete set of Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin by J. S. Bach, recorded by Henryk Szeryng in 1968.

Duration: 14:02