Seven Deadly Sins (1997)
           for Double Bass and Digital Piano (recorded version)

1. Pride  (egotistical, arrogant, haughty)

2. Greed  (covetous, selfish, avaricious)

3. Lust  (carnal, erotic, passionate)

4. Gluttony  (craving, greedy)

5. Envy  (jealous, begrudging)

6. Sloth  (lethargic, apathetic)

7. Revenge  (angry, vengeful)

The score for Seven Deadly Sins takes the form of seven short sections or movements based on the seven sins. The parts for each instrument contain integers that are derived from the names of each sin, and a musical expression(s) that characterizes their various behavioral or psychological traits. The players realize the music from the set of integers that represent the number of sounds to be played, and the corresponding expressions.

The bass part was recorded separately by John Voight, then sent to the composer to record the piano music. Both a computer program and ‘live’ digital piano were used to realize the piano part. The integers in the score were input into the computer program, which spontaneously generated the piano music for the seven pieces. In addition, in Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 7, the composer played the digital piano ‘live’ along with the computer, using the same integers to generate the music. After both the piano and bass parts had been recorded separately, they were mixed together to complete the final musical form.